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Youri Kim is a DMV-based theater director with experience in South Korea, Germany, and U.K. Kim's focus is on how neo-liberal societies define the desire of the feminine figure. Her plays focus on gender perspectives beyond societal constructs and show women as humans not defined by gender. 


She graduated from East 15 Acting School, U.K., and directed 'Cane,' 'Where we stand,' and 'Your point of view.' After her debut in the U.K., she worked for two years as an assistant producer and director in Trier, Germany. She has written, adapted, and directed 'Mother Courage and her gentrification' and '30th-century euthanasia', awarded by the Art council in South Korea and the Incheon Art foundation. Her latest production, (armpit)Hair, is about the social pressure on women to wax armpit hair. The production garnered the Doosan Art lab award, and it was presented in February 2022 at the Doosan art center, South Korea. 

She is labeled in so many ways; a woman, Korean, Asian, a millennial, a military spouse, a stranger, a foreigner. However, Kim would like to label herself as a seeker. She pursues a new adventure to find her voice and let it out. She is newly located in D.C. / Baltimore areas to begin her discourse.

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